Frances Clerk is an Instructional Technology Consultant in the School of Health and Human Sciences. She is also the Web Master for the School.

Please contact Frances at :

Email: fmclerk@uncg.edu
Tel.: (336)334-3157

For help with:

  • web related issues,
  • multimedia ( helping with video and editing,  taking photos for your department or for the web, creating images for the web etc.)
  • WordPress (tutorials and suggestions about WordPress and the web in general) ,
  • and general computer questions when you are stuck.

I would be happy to help Faculty and  Staff of the School of Health and Human Sciences  ( or try to point you in the right direction if I cannot help ! ) as well as other members of the UNCG community if I am able.

( The above image is a Cicada climbing out of its shell after spending some time underground. It is an insect known for its very curious life cycle.  )